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My husband and I, along with our two children have lived with and loved Newfoundlands since 2002. I have personally owned and loved dogs my entire life. However, without a doubt, the Newfoundland is the breed that best fits my life. We have shared our home with up to six Newfs at one time.
I am a member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and the Newfoundland Club of Canada (NDCC).
At TowLine Newfoundlands, our primary considerations are temperament and health, while maintaining structure and type. Our goal is to produce healthy, happy dogs with the true Newfoundland temperament that will make a loving and loyal family companion.
The Newfoundland has a natural affinity for children and make an excellent addition to the family.
Note:  TowLine Newfoundlands(CKC) was formally known as Windhaven Kennels(CKC).  Changed due to a naming conflict with an AKC registered Kennel.
All our breeding dogs are screened for breed specific disorders ( Hips, Elbows, Heart, Cystinuria, Thyroid, Patella's, and Eyes ) with a view to producing healthy, temperamently and structurally sound dogs.
We breed occasionally. Our litters are carefully planned and researched to ensure the parents will produce a healthy and " true to the breed standard " Newfoundland. Our puppies are raised in the middle of the hustle and bustle of our family life.
Although our dogs are primarily family companions, I have competed in conformation and trained for Draft Dog. As with any endeavor in life, I believe continuing education is crucial.
To that end I attend seminars and workshops whenever possible.
I frequently attend education courses and seminars to increase my knowlege of health, breeding and behaviour.
Seminar - Jane Killion ( Puppy Culture ) - July / 2017
The critical first 12 weeks that can shape your puppies future
Seminar - Myra Savant-Harris - September / 2015
Canine Reproduction & Whelping
Seminar - Patricia Trotter - September / 2015
Corrective Breeding - Learning to become a Master Breeder
Seminar - Canine Reproduction & Canine Cancers - March / 2015
Dr. Eric Carnegy, DVM
Institute of Canine Biology On-line Course - October / 2014
COI Bootcamp 2
Seminar - Dr. Emanual Fontaine, DVM - June / 2014
Level ll - Canine Reproduction
Live Webinar - Dr. Dee Blanco - April / 2014
Safer Vaccination 
Seminar - Dr. Emanual Fontaine, DVM - August / 2013
Canine Reproduction
University of Minnesota On-line Course - June / 2013
Canine Theriogenology
Live Webinar - Dr. Jean Dodds - June / 2013
Updated Vaccine Protocols
Seminar - Pat Hastings - April / 2013
Structure In Action - Evaluating Puppies / Adults
Live Webinar - Dr. Greg Keller, DVM. MS - March / 2013
Chief of Veterinary Services, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Canine Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

Seminar - Dr. Robert Van Hutchinson, DVM - October / 2011

Level II - Specialized Training/Course - Canine reproduction and Canine Peadiatrics


ABC's of Dog Breeding - Claudi Orlandi - July / 2011

Practical Canine Anatomy & Movement; Hands-on Angle Evaluation in Dogs


Language of Dogs – June / 2011

Understanding Dog Behaviour


Grooming 101 – May / 2011

Knowledge of new products and grooming techniques


Thyroid Disease and Autoimmune Thyroiditis - Dr. Jean Dodds – April / 2011

Vaccine Protocols


Silvia Jay - Seminar - May / 2010

Specialized Training/Course - Stress and Aggression (Canine)


Seminar - Patricia Trotter - March / 2010

Specialized Training/Course - Breed to Succeed


P&G Pet Care - November / 2009

Specialized Training/Course - Advancing Pet Wellness through Prebiotics and Probiotics

Edward and Patricia Gilbert - April / 2009

Specialized Training/Course - K9 Structure and Terminology


Seminar - Dr. Robert Van Hutchinson, DVM - February / 2009

Specialized Training/Course - Canine reproduction and Canine Peadiatrics


PIJAC Canada - February / 2006

Specialized Training/Course - Canine Behavior Workshop


ICS - International Correspondence Schools - February / 1996  

Diploma - Animal Sciences, completed with highest honors