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TowLine Newfoundlands

Home of the working Newfoundland

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Welcome to the virtual home of TowLine Newfoundlands.  We are located on 8.5 acres in beautiful rural Nova Scotia, 40 mins outside of Halifax.  Here on the east coast of Canada our dogs swim and play in lakes and the ocean and romp in the winter snow.
This website will no longer be active after March 31st, 2018. Please go to to contact me.

We invite you to visit our website to learn a bit about us and our dogs.  We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often to see these gentle giants.


Deanne McNeil

"Gentle, benevolent, sweet; there are few accounts of the Newfoundland

which do not include such words. These characteristics, combined with

an impressive size, make the Newfoundland, or “ Newf “, as he is

affectionately called, a most appealing creature. A bear-like appearance

adds to his charm – he is the teddy bear of one’s childhood come to life."





Excerpts from: “ The Newfoundland

By:  JoAnn Riley & Betty McDonnell





This website will no longer be active after March 31st, 2018. Please go to to contact me.